Hydraulic dredger

Hydraulic Dredgers

Hydraulic dredgers use moving water to transport the dredged material. It functions like a floating vacuum, excavating and pumping material through a pipeline to a different location using a centrifugal pump. Hydraulic dredging is the cleanest, most precise and environmentally friendly method of dredging today.


Type of Hydraulic Dredgers

  • Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) – Standard
  • Custom Built Dredgers(CSD)
  • Suction Dredger
  • Jet Suction Dredger
  • Multi Purpose
  • Amphibious Dredger
  • Gold Mine Dredger
  • Auger Dredger
  • Bucket Wheel Dredger
  • Dam and Reservoir Dredger
  • Self Propelled Rock Cutter
  • Suction Dredger
  • Self Propelled Rock Bucket Wheel Dredger
  • Geo Textile Tubes Filling Dredger
  • Aquatic Weed Harvester